527 Years ago explorers set sail from the nation of Ihas. Lead by their captain, Elliot Vaughn, the expedition was suppose to last only 6 months but their captains visions kept spurring them with promise of riches and fame. There was an attempted mutiny in which Vaughn bested his first mate, Jameson ‘The Rat’ Draegan, wanting to win favor back by his crew, he didn’t kill Draegan, but put him on a raft and let the gods decide what they will. Three weeks later land was spotted. A wooded coast ripe with life, they decided to name their first settlement after their ship, Pantamawrn.

The first year was surprisingly well. The resource rich land with bountiful of food and materials for shelters. They weren’t alone in this land. Strange creatures moved stealthfully through the forests. Scouts return with stories of humanoid like creatures with pointy ears disappearing deeper into the woods without leaving any trace. A quarter of the crew was sent back with plenty of supplies and to tell stories of this bountiful land, while Vaughn remained behind to look after the fledgling settlement. Weeks after the ship left a band of these strange creatures showed up on the outskirts of Pantamawrn, they were brandishing long curved bows, with bright steel swords, and armor blended perfectly for the forests. Vaughn successfully maintained peace and made first contact with Vulwin Zumna, the leader of the locals. Vaughn and Zumna spent many days together learning each others cultures and tongue and it blossomed into a great friendship.

Settlers to the new land came by the boatload. Settling all along the coast. Most notably, Cadewyn Bradford, and Wendy Marren. Friends of Vaughn who came at his request to the new land. Cadewyn Bradford, wise and skilled practitioner of magic, Wendy Marren, maiden of XYZ, aided in the early growth of the settlements making a nice living. The three worked together to found Shipton, a perfect port city to build ships to trade between the Vaughn Region and Ihas.

Vulwin Zumna expressed descent on the expansion, and tensions between the elves and the settlers came to a boiling point. The elves attacked a lumber camp destroying their property. Vaughn rallied the settlers and with aid coming from Ihas was able to make a swift push through the land to what is now Ironfell. The elven nation was split in two. With half the nation fleeing north deep into the uncharted woods, and the other half crossing the Drihr River.

While under constant attack, Vaughn, Bradford, and Marren were able to strengthen their line from Ironfell to the ocean. Bradford Pushed north while Vaughn and Marren built a massive bridge to cross over the Drihr.

Bradford’s forces was able to surprise a northern encampment and capture many of the northern forces leaders, including Vulwin Zumnas’ daughter Salihn. The elves in the northern region put up little fight after that and soon completely dispersed.

Vaughn and Marren about this time completed the large bridge of what is today Willowdale. Marren lead forces up the Drihr, invading the jungle and forcing the elven forces into the grasslands. Vaughn cleverly brought cavalry and defeated most of the Vulwin’s forces. They were chased to the desert where the hunt was called off. The lands of the Vaughn Region were finally secured.


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